First-in-class Allogeneic Thymus-empowered T cell therapy Platform

The immune system is the most efficient weapon to fight life threatening cancers and infections. What if for the first time we could generate cellular therapies with the capacity to persist and ensure robust and durable immune responses?

A groundbreaking technology

The first GMP biomimicking “Ex vivo lymphoid niche” cell culture process

Through its patented and proprietaryEx vivo lymphoid niche” technology, Smart Immune develops a T-cell progenitor-based cell therapy platform, so called ProTcell™ platform. It has been designed to ensure a rapid, complete, and long-lasting immune recovery to fight malignancies and infections.  
Those lymphoid progenitors have a remarkable dual potential of differentiation:
- To the T lineage: when directly infused to patients, they complete their differentiation into the thymus recipient to become polyclonal and fully efficient T cells.
-To the NK lineage: when further cultured ex vivo through a dedicated process they can differentiate in early NK effectors.

Enabling improved & Long-Lasting Cellular Immunotherapies
Smart Immune develops world first-in-human clinical stage T cell progenitor-based therapies