Unlock the Potential of Allogeneic T Cell Medicine

ProTcell, the first ever T cell Progenitors based biotherapy-platform

 Make High Science T cell Therapies Affordable and Accessible

Smart Immune is the first clinical-stage biotherapeutics company focused on delivering the rapid, multipotent curative power of T Cell Progenitors to patients in life threatening conditions.

Once transplanted to patient, those T cell Progenitors so called ProTcell, differentiate quickly into polyclonal T cell in thymus recipient to reset a fully functional  immune system and ensure a fast, multipotent defense from all pathogens and cancer cells.

Smart Immune proprietary ProTcell platform is in clinical stage and has been designed to adress all hurdles of allogenic T cell medicine in ones: infections, GvHD and relapses to significantly improve overall survival for thousands of patients.

This ground breaking technology is applicable to all cell and gene therapies involving T cells, enabling fast improved clinical outcome for patients. With one clinical trial on Severe combined immuno-deficiencies  and a clinical trial on high risk AML already in clinic in Europe,  a clinical trial for Acute Leukemia to be initiated shortly in the US and a milli-fluidic automation project enabling bioproduction scalability, Smart Immune aims to make allo HSCT medicine safer, more effective, and more affordable.

Based in Paris, Smart Immune integrates a collaboration with Necker Enfants Malades Hospital cell and gene therapy teams bringing ground-breaking scientific, clinical and development expertise. With the demonstrated track records of its founders, Marina Cavazzana, MD, PhD, and Isabelle André, PhD, Smart Immune is committed to change Patient prognosis.

Bringing allo HSCT curative power to patients in life threatening conditions without inducing adverse events

T Cell Progenitors: a new generation of allogenic T cell medicine enabling a reset of T cell immune system to fight cancers and infections

A rapid efficiency without inducing adverse events to improve significantly life expectancy and quality

Partnership set to develop fully-automated , miniaturized cell-culture bioreactors to produce HSC-derived cell-culture products at scale