Revolutionizing immune rescue

Smart Immune is a French clinical-stage biotech company developing ProTcell, a T-cell progenitor therapy platform that harnesses the patient's own thymus to rapidly re-arm the immune system against cancer and infection.

New fully functional T cells trained by the patient's own thymus
A groundbreaking technology

The ProTcell platform

Through its patented ex vivo lymphoid technology, Smart Immune has developed a T-cell progenitor-based cell therapy platform, called the ProTcell platform. It has been designed to enable rapid and full re-arming of the immune system, so patients can fight life-threatening disorders like cancers and infections.

For the first time in human medicine, Smart Immune is enabling access to thymus-empowered, sustainable, allogeneic T-cell progenitors, minimising donor matching requirements and accelerating full immune recovery.