Enabling Improved AND Long-Lasting Cellular Immunotherapies

Our unique groundbreaking ProTcell™ Platform has the potential for enabling a broad range of future applications including CAR ProTcell™ and TCR ProTcell™ for long-lasting, targeted immuno-oncology therapies.
Discover our different projects and ongoing clinical trials in our pipeline.


ProTcell™ is a T cell progenitors-based allogeneic cell therapy designed to rebuild a fully polyclonal T cell compartment in 100 days post HSCT versus the 12 to 18 months needed in the current medical practice. Once infused to the patients, ProTcell™ migrate into the patient’s thymus to fulfil their differentiation and give rise to a large pool of polyclonal, long lasting T cell population able to fight infections and relapses on the long run.


SMART101 is manufactured from peripheral mobilized stem cells. It is currently studied in 2 phase I/II clinical trials, in Europe in primary immuno deficiencies SCID (NCT03879876) and in the United States in adult and pediatric patients with high risk acute leukemia (NCT04959903).


SMART102 is the ProTcell™ product manufactured from cord blood. It is currently studied in a phase I/II clinical trial, in France in adult leukemic patients (NCT04707300).

CAR ProTcell™

The Smart 201 next generation long-lasting CAR ProTcell™ product is a T cell progenitors-based CAR T cell transduced with a CAR expressed only after thymic education. This biomimicking approach allows to keep the TCR and HLA on the T cells significantly changing its life span to 10/15 years. Tolerized, polyclonal, we expect those CAR ProTcell™ to give rise to efficient and safe CAR T cell compartment fighting relapses on the long run without GvHD risks. Indeed, the absence of gene editing of those CAR T cells does provide a high safety profile to this new generation of long-lasting CAR T cells.


SMART 201 product is the CAR ProTcell™ product produced from peripheral mobilized stem cells.


SMART 211 product is the CAR ProTcell™ product produced from cord blood.  


Our feeder-free NK cell differentiation is a unique combination that is able to give rise to high number of pure NK cell population with high cytotoxic potential. Our platform provides an easier approach to NK cell therapy for effective treatment of cancers and viral infections.


The SMART 401 is the NK product without modification.



The SMART 411 is the NK product with CAR transduction.