Our Mission
The best of T and NK cell medicine in a safe, accessible, and affordable way

At Smart Immune, scientists and clinicians foster sharp understanding of T cell and NK differentiation with an outstanding 25-year experience in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT). By biomimicking cell differentiation ex vivo Smart Immune enable for the first time the use of T cell progenitors to give rise to extended life span cellular therapy drug product. Safer, Cheaper and more efficient.




Tolerized through thymic education

Produced through automated cell culture process

10 to 15 years life span insuring long lasting  capacity to fight relapse and infections

Our exclusive ex vivo lymphoid niche technology can differentiate hematopoietic stem cells into T cell progenitors in 7 days instead of the usual 12 months needed in human physiology. Once injected into the patient, ProTcell™ are able to migrate rapidly to the thymus where they undergo natural thymic selection and education. This gives rise to a fully polyclonal and tolerant T cell compartment necessary and sufficient to reset a fully functioning immune system. This is especially critical after allogeneic stem cell transplantation where, by ensuring complete and rapid polyclonal immune recovery, Smart Immune can modify the prognosis of life-threatening diseases. This patented ProTcell™ platform is applicable to all cell and gene therapies involving T cells.
Through our ProTcell™ platform we are developing a diversified portfolio of novel treatments. Thanks to the long longevity of progenitor T cells, our technology could lead to the world’s first CAR-T platform generating long-lasting-CAR-T cells. In addition, the capacity of ProTcell to differentiate into NK cells lead us to develop a simple, scalable, for therapeutic NK cell production.