ProTcell™ Platform

Smart Immune has developed T-cell progenitor-based cell and gene therapies to rapidly and fully reset patients’ immune systems to fight cancers and infections in the long run.

Smart Immune has replicated a Human lymphoid niche ex vivo using its knowledge of CD34+ T cell differentiation

A thymus-homing capability of unique T-cell progenitors so called ProTcell™ at the earliest point of lineage commitment.
A great capability of ProTcell to differentiate ex vivo in NK cells

The ability to culture and expand such  short-lived, fragile, unique T-cells populations in GMP conditions, using  proprietary Notch ligand SIFP3

Biomimicking first HSCs differentiation steps in 7 days ex vivo vs. in 12 months in human physiology

Enabling improved & Long-Lasting Cellular Immunotherapies

The ProTcell™ can be used with or without CAR/TCR transduction giving rise, when infused to patients, to the first long lasting cell therapy drug product, improving significantly the clinical outcome for the patients.

Key scientific publications

Non-clinical publications

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Clinical publications

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