Company profile

Smart Immune groundbreaking ProTcell™ platform: providing improved & long-lasting Smart-cell biotherapies fighting cancers and infections.

Smart Immune is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on saving and improving lives by delivering to patients a new generation of T cell medicine: ProTcell™. Rapidly educated in the thymus once infused, those pioneering ProTcell™ enable a rapid, multipotent and safe immune recovery changing life expectancy for thousands of patients. 

Smart Immune was created in 2017 at the Imagine Institute in Paris, from the meeting of Marina Cavazzana, Isabelle André and Karine Rossignol. Based in Paris, in the Paris Biotech Sante Incubator (located within the grounds of Cochin Hospital), Smart Immune gathers a community of oustanding scientific, technical and clinical experts in lymphoid biology dedicated to change the futur of cellular medecine. Smart Immune is carrying out several partnerships with national and international collaborators.