March 26, 2024

A duet of awards

On Thursday March 21, two awards were presented to Karine Rossignol and Marina Cavazzana, in recognition of their respective contributions to the development of innovative therapeutics for patients in need of a new T cell compartment.

Marina Cavazzana, MD, PhD, co-founder and translational strategy advisor at Smart Immune, and Karine Rossignol, PharmD, co-founder and CEO, received the first Research Prize, as one of L'Express' Science & Health Personality Awards.  This award recognizes their efforts in the service of a single ambition: to offer immunocompromised patients less harsh and less costly treatments.

Marina Cavazzana
Marina Cavazzana, MD, PhD © JPH/

As for Karine Rossignol, she also received the Business with Attitude prize organized by Madame Figaro with its partners, including the French Public Investment Bank, EY, The Ladies Bank and Google. The prize recognizes the outstanding achievements and commitment of French women entrepreneurs, offering them high visibility and support.

"This visibility is vital in a fast-moving sector,where we need to make ourselves known and understood by key players of thefield. Our ProTcell platform could be a game-changer for thousands of patientsin vital need of rapidly reconstituting T cells, the elite white blood cellsthat defend us against 200 million pathogens and tumors, and which are alsointrumental for the efficacy of innovative cancer treatments such as BiTES andICI. We are therefore very grateful to receive these awards, which oblige us”, said Karine.

Karine Rossignol, laureate of the 2024 BWA award
Karine Rossignol, PharmD-HEC, laureate of the 2024 BWA award

The laureates and the entire Smart Immune's team are grateful for these awards, which honor their work to re-arm the immune system of patients in need of an immune rescue.

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