May 3, 2022

Deep molecular characterization of ex vivo generated T cell progenitors open perspectives for the development of new therapies

Smart Immune has developed a patented technology that allows the production of numerous T cell progenitors from stem cells. Called "ProTcellTM", they are generated through a feeder-free manufacturing process within 7 days. These progenitor cells are intended to massively colonize the patient's thymus and reconstitute a complete repertoire of T lymphocytes, to defend the body against attacks from viruses, fungi and tumors.

Pierre Gaudeaux*, who is about to defend his PhD thesis, has carried out a comparative analysis of ProTcellTM according to their origin: mobilized peripheral blood from a compatible donor or cord blood. Using single cell RNA sequencing techniques and mass cytometry, Pierre identified specific signatures of T cell differentiation, but also unexpected Innate Lymphoid Cell (ILC) potential. This is an interesting feature to optimize the production of ProTcellTM and pave the way toward the development of progenitor-based cell therapies, which may benefit a larger number of patients.

This work will be the subject of an oral presentation at the ASGCT American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy annual conference on May 19th (10:15 AM EDT).

*Pierre Gaudeaux is a PhD student at the University Paris Cité (ex Université Paris-Descartes), he works at the Institut Imagine Necker-Enfants malades Hospital and at Smart Immune (Industrial Agreement of Training through Research), in Paris, France.