March 2, 2023

[Media coverage] Smart Immune’s Path To Unlocking The Underappreciated Thymus

Smart Immune's CEO Karine Rossignol was recently interviewed by the magazine InVivo edited by Citeline formerly Pharma Intelligence.

She discussed Smart Immune’s significant advances in stimulating the thymus, a small gland with an enormous immunological impact that rarely finds itself as a key clinical target, as well as the development of our ProTcell platform to help patients with severe combined immunodeficiency and leukemia.

See article: Smart Immune’s Path To Unlocking The Underappreciated Thymus

Karine Rossignol said :

“The thymus is absolutely instrumental in arming your T-cells to fight viruses and cancers. If they don’t go into thethymus to be educated, they’re not efficient to protect you from cancers andinfections. We have created this company to fight against both.”

“It’s like we’re driving down a highway directly to the thymus. Our ProTcells stimulate the thymus epithelium, reinvigorate the thymus and are educated to be fully potent. Then, when they are out of the thymus, roughly 100 days after injection, you have a fully functional, totally potent immune system to defend you against all kinds of tumors and infections.”