Our technology

Bring a new Standard of Care in Allogenic Transplantation : 3 months to recovery

A proprietary technology based on 20+ years of academic work to establish best-in-class T-cell differentiation platform

7 days to differentiate CD 34+ into T cell progenitors with a 20/50 expansion rate

Smart Immune’s proprietary technology is based on a biomimetic ex-vivo thymus platform that differentiate CD34+ stem cells purified from cord blood or peripheral hematopoietic stem cells into T Cell Progenitors so called ProTcell CD7+ CD34-.

Those ProTcells are produced in the presence of SIPF, a proprietary engineered key ligand of the Notch pathway and key cytokines in 7 days instead of 9 to 12 months in human physiology and a 20/50 expansion rate.

Disrupt medical practice by enabling a fully functional T Cell Compartment Post HSCT in 3 months Record Time

When the ProTcells are administered, they migrate to the patient’s thymus, where they are rapidly educated to kill all virus and cancer cells whitout agressing healthy cells. This allows a drastic reduction in the risk of graft-versus-host disease.

The ProTcells have a synergetic effect on the thymus epithelium: they express cytokines enabling the thymus epithelium to restructure and regenerate, ensuring a significant acceleration of engrafment.

Our challenge: reduce the Post Transplant T Cell reset from 12 months to less than 3 months



What happens when ProTcells™ are injected in Human beings

  • When infused, they migrate to the patient’s thymus where they expand, are selected and differentiated
  • The result is fully functional T cells, tolerant to self and reactive to viral, fungal, malignant antigens