April 22, 2024

Smart Immune to take part in key industry events

1. EIC's ePitching for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies (April 24):

Smart Immune, selected among seven biotech companies, will present its ProTcell platform for potential collaborations and investments. The event will be online and the company will be represented by our CEO and Co-founder Karine Rossignol.

2. MATWIN Meet2win Partnering Convention (Bordeaux, May 16-17):

With enthusiasm as an alumnus company of the MATWIN acceleration program for start-ups in oncology, Smart Immune will showcase a poster and engage in a discussion panel, driving forward innovative cancer treatments. Our CEO, Karine Rossignol, and our CFO-CBO, Jeremy Gaillard, will be on hand.

3. Innovations for Cell & Gene Therapies Congress (Paris, May 22):

Our CSO, Olivier Negre, Ph.D., will give a presentation on "ProTcell, a new approach for allogeneic T cell medicine", at the first edition of the ICGT at France Brain Institute, Paris.

4. ThymE Conference on T-cell and Thymus biology (Porto, May 27-31):

Our PhD student Jeanne Roche-Naude and our scientist Juliette Paillet, will attend this congress in Portugal. They'll be happy to listen to our Scientific Advisory Board Chair Marcel Van Den Brink on "Regulatory T cells and thymic regeneration" and to our SAB member Georg Hollander on "Revisiting the cellular features and molecular control of the thymus stroma".

Please contact our team if you wish to schedule meetings: info@smart-immune.com